Car Leasing News

Car Leasing News

Why is cheap car leasing becoming more popular ?

Out latest car leasing news is that cheap car leasing has increased in popularity over recent years. As a result, more people recognise the benefits of leasing and finding it more affordable. Therefore, in times of a tough economy it makes sense to lease. The lessee will normally lease a car for a shorter period of time than say a vehicle purchased on a loan or hire purchase. Consequently, this reduces the customer’s risk of mechanical problems and therefore by renewing the lease with a new car or van every couple of years this maintains a better company profile.

Personal Leasing

Anyone over the age of 18 can apply for a personal lease provided they pass credit approval and have a full driving licence. Most people looking to take out a personal lease are employees. They may wish to opt out of a company car scheme. As personal lease may be more tax efficient for them. Everyone’s circumstances are different and leasing does not always suit everybody.

Where to get my cheap car leasing deal ?
With internet sites offering thousands of cheap car leasing and contract hire deals,it is hard to decide which is the most suitable one to choose from. Of course most people are looking for the cheapest deal which is not always what it appears to be. Therefore, to make sure you have the right contract hire deal always check the fine print.

Why choose 1st4 ?
We are not on car leasing comparison websites because we’d rather cut our costs and pass the savings on to you. As a result we save our customer’s time and money. That’s what leasing is all about “saving money”.

So contact 1st4 to learn more about how to get the cheapest deals.
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A cheap car lease is a great way to acquire your new car or van without even leaving office. 1st4 supply cheap vehicle leasing on all makes and models of vehicles to customers nationwide.