Plenty of used vans for sale – all in one place

Operating online since the turn of the century, has built up an impressive selection of used vans for sale from dealers and private sellers across the country.  It is this choice and ease of operation that keeps the visitors returning to the site

There are plenty of good reasons to buy a new van – budgets allowing, but there are lots of companies and individuals who will always opt to buy cheap used vans.

Van buyers should be aware of potential pitfalls when buying a second hand van – like anything advertised over the internet, it is ths buyer who should be cautions and not to hand over any money before carrying out the necessary checks. 

The first check should be whether the used van has a solid pedigree.  Is there outstanding finance?  Is it a ringer?  Has it previously been written off in an accident?  A simple and relatively cheap provenance check from myvancheck or HPI online will give the answers.

Just because the vehicle has a reasonable provenance does not mean that it is 100% reliable or is being sold at the right price.  Search through as many vans as you can to find the best deal for you – there is usually a trade-off between mileage and price.  Confirm also that the van has the engine/power output that has been advertised, as there are plenty of Ford Transits for sale with the same 2.4 litre engine which may be rated at three different power outputs.

Make sure when you are responding to an advert that you tell the salesperson where you saw the van for sale, as this helps them to cut costs by advertising in the best places!