Peugeot News 2008 Urban Crossover Coming to UK

If you liked Peugeot’s 208 but are looking for something with a little extra room then chances are you’ll love the company’s latest arrival.

The New Peugeot 2008

Just add a digit to make a 2008 and you’ve got what the company are calling an “urban crossover” – essentially, a taller, roomier model with off-roader styling cues that’s closely related to the French firm’s 208 hatchback.

Although prices haven’t been announced for the 2008 yet, expect them to be slightly more than the equivalent 208’s, and it will be available with e-HDi Diesel and new three-cylinder petrol engines.

The order book for the 2008 opens in June, with the first cars arriving in the UK towards the end of this summer.

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