Nissan Leaf Gets Upgrade

The Nissan Leaf award winning electric car has just been given a make over to improve its appeal as a leading contender for eco-conscious drivers.

Nissan Leaf

The LEAF hatchback may have been all right to win the European Car of the Year Award two years ago but that hasn’t stopped the car’s designers trying to make it even better, and while it appears the same as the original model it now does 124 miles on a charge improving on the previous range of 109. It has a bigger boot due to a relocated charging point and has an improved heater which doesn’t drain the battery as much on cold days.

A Nissan spokesperson believes that the changes have come about as a result of feed back from Leaf owners. The internet forums show that LEAF drivers have become enthusiastic supporters of zero-emission mobility and of the car itself. The LEAF has a supreme customer satisfaction rating of any Nissan model with a score of 93 per cent.

The new Leaf will bring jobs to the UK at Nissan’s Sunderland factory as it was previously imported from Japan. The new model will come in at a similar price to the old model and have three trim levels.

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