New Audi A4 Saloon Refreshed To Take On BMW 3 Series

Audi has refreshed the smallest saloon it makes in response to BMW bringing out its brand new 3-Series.

Earlier this month BMW announced the sixth generation of their compact executive express and now one of their great German rivals has hit back by completely revamping the Audi A4 that competes against it, with a new range of A4s, Allroads and S4s on their way to the UK early next year.

An Audi spokesperson said this week:
“A bestseller has become even more attractive: Audi has updated the A4 series. New solutions for efficiency, driving dynamics and infotainment, along with an even more attractive design, show the ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ achieved by the A4 Saloon, the A4 Avant, the A4 allroad quattro and the S4.”

UK specification and prices will be confirmed in the next few weeks, but are expected to be similar to the current A4 range.