Low Risk With A Van Contract Hire Scheme

Commercial vans are a great asset for businesses that constantly need to be on the go. This goes for catering businesses, florists, cable technicians, and a wealth of other occupations. When your business has a strict budget to adhere to, and the only thing that seems affordable is an older van, consider signing into a van contract hire agreement as oppose to committing to a fleet of new vans for your business. Contract hire allows for better flexibility in several different ways, including choice of van, better maintenance care, and not having to worry about resale once the contract lapses.

First, van contract hire companies allow you to negotiate a fair deal when it comes to hiring a van. Usually these terms last for about 24-60 months depending on the needs of your business. Also, most contract hire companies determine payments based on the van’s mileage. This makes it a more advantageous option than buying the vehicle outright, because when you buy a van, you are always making the same payment every month, regardless of how often you use the vehicle. Payments based on mileage can be especially helpful in slower periods when the hired van is simply around as a backup for any other van that might break down.

Also, the negotiation power involved in van contract hire means that you have more flexibility when choosing vehicles. The vans outside of your budget for a purchase are now within reach when done as a contract hire. For businesses, the cost savings of van contract hire can also mean that they can buy more vehicles for less money.

Contract van hire companies always take special care to make sure that the vans in their fleet are always performing as they should. You can arrange a maintenance schedule so that any issues with the van are addressed before the symptoms of those problems even become apparent. Sometimes this is included in the contract, but other contracts offer it at an additional cost.

Overall, van contract hire is an excellent option for companies who want to expand their business but feel that they have limited options in doing so. Van contract hire allows greater flexibility as far as pricing is concerned, and you also have the added advantage of not having to sell the van at the end of the contract.