Leasing New Audi CoD Models

There’s nothing fishy about two new Audi models announced this week, although they will be very economical in a bid to appeal to cash conscious motorists.

Audi A1 Sportback

he CoD models refer not to anything particularly piscine but to the company’s clever Cylinder on Demand technology, which can shut down cylinders on the 1.4 TSi versions of the A1 and A3 models in order to cut down the amount of petrol they use.

Audi A3

The technology has already been utilized on the company’s sporty S and RS models to make them a less extreme ownership prospect than their predecessors, but the A1 and A3 CoD models are being marketed primarily for their ability to sip through a gallon of fuel every sixty miles.

The Audi A1 version starts at £16,740 while the A3 opens at £20,055, with both models available to order now.

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