Latest News Headline 1st4 Have A New Car Leasing Website

1st4 has set up a new car leasing website for customers who are looking for a really good leasing deal.

With everyone’s purse strings getting tighter and tighter these days it makes sense to be flexible when it comes to leasing. If customers are willing to be flexible 1st4 can find you a bargain.

For those who want a more precise vehicle specification prices may not be as cheap.
So beware of tunnel vision, be flexible and consider all the options and possibilities and you might save yourself a heap of cash.

Customers can call 1st4 and get a one to one consultation with out any hard sell tactics and get a free no obligation quote.

If you are looking for cheap car leasing deal then why contact 1st4 and their friendly staff will be only to happy to assist you. The new website is