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DID you know that Audi’s famous four-wheel-drive system has been fitted to 250 of the company’s models?

The Quattro system, which revolutionised rallying when it was first fitted to the Ur-quattro coupe in the early 1980s, has seen service on everything from luxury saloons and off roaders to hot hatches and racing cars, and now the company is offering UK buyers the 250th model – an entry-level version of the Q3 off-roader.

The 2.0TDI Q3 Quattro, which starts at £26,510, is expected to account for 40% of Q3 sales in the UK, with Audi pointing this summer’s wet weather as a reason to plump for the added stability of the four-wheel-drive system.

A rather quicker Quattro-equipped Audi, the scorchingly quick RS3 Sportback, is also back on sale in Britain after a limited edition run proved a hit with Brit buyers last year. The 340bhp hatchback is available for the same price as last year, at £39,930, but you’ll have to be quick because only 250 of them are on their way to the UK.

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