Jaguar XJ Gets New Sport And Speed Packs

Make your Jaguar run more like a cheetah with two new performance packs announced by the car’s creators this month.

Jaguar has said its XJ saloon is now available to order with both the Sport Pack, which adorns the luxury saloon with a host of sporty styling updates, and the Speed Pack, which gives owners the chance to match the grace with pace by upping the car’s top speed from 155mph to 174mph.

Ian Callum, director of design at Jaguar Cars, said: “The XJ is much more than a limousine. Its power and potential mean it can out-perform many so-called sports cars.
”The new Sport and Speed Packs allow customers to enhance that sporting dynamism even further and create an XJ that looks as good as it drives.“

Jaguar added that the XJ benefits from superb aerodynamics and that the innovative lightweight aluminium architecture offers weight savings of up to 150kg over its competitors, an advantage the new performance packs will take advantage of.