Ford Fiesta Econetic Super Fuel Economy

FORD couldn’t have picked a better time to announce its most frugal Fiesta yet

With panic buying at the pumps fuelling interest in small, efficient cars the company has just announced an ECOnetic version of its supermini contender, which it claims will offer cash-conscious motorists to chance to get 85 miles out of a gallon of diesel.

Great news for company car users looking for Ford leasing on a budget.

Mark Ovenden, Ford Britain managing director, said: “We cannot influence how the cost of motoring changes as a result of the Budget, but we will continue to design, develop and market innovative vehicles that minimise the cost of motoring for today’s families.

”Our cars are fun to drive, stylish and packed with technology, while returning up to 20mpg more than just a few years ago.“
By comparision, the best a new Fiesta could have returned six years ago would have been 65.1mpg.