Ford Fiesta Centura Special Edition Marks 100 Years Of Ford Cars

Ford has revived a century-old tradition by offering you a new car in any colour you like – as long as it’s black!
The company’s chosen to celebrate a century of its British operations with the Centura, a special edition version of the Fiesta, but it’ll only be available in black, evoking the minimal choice of colours you got on the Model T in the Edwardian age.

Anthony Ireson, marketing director, Ford of Britain, said:
“Fiesta has been a UK favourite its entire lifetime and it was a natural choice to use this great icon to help mark our centenary. With a unique specification and affordable price, the Centura will appeal to thousands of customers, and we anticipate strong demand – who knows it might even become a collector’s car one day!”

Just 1,000 Ford Fiesta Centura special editions will be available, priced at £13,395 for the three-door version and £13,995 for the five-door. The Ford Fiesta remains the UK’s best-selling car with 52,327 sold in the first half of this year.