Dacia Duster off-roader set to return 2012

Dacia Duster off-roader returning to UK late 2012

A RENAULT-BACKED car company from Romania will be relaunched in the UK with right-hand-drive models from next year, it has been announced.
Dacia said its Duster off-roader, a runner-up in last year’s European Car of the Year contest, will arrive in the UK from late 2012, and thanks to it being greeted with a warm response in India it’s likely to be arriving in this country with the steering wheel on the correct side for our roads.

The company said :
“Ahead of Dacia’s UK launch at the end of next year, right-hand drive production of the high-selling Duster SUV has been confirmed thanks to its imminent arrival in India.
”With the first Indian customers taking delivery of their new Fluence, Renault has announced the production and sale of Duster under its French marque in India. The SUV is part of a range designed to cover a broad portion of the local market segments.“

The original Duster was offered to UK customers as a budget 4×4 in the 1980s, but since Renault took over the company in 1999 all of its models have been based on technology provided by the French car giant.