Cheap Car Leasing Deals and Contract Hire Offers

Cheap Car Leasing Deals are all about the best leasing deal on the day.


Cheap Car Leasing Deals

Cheap leasing deals are a great way to finance your next car provided you are happy with the deal and the terms of the contract hire.

Not all best car leasing deals are what they appear to be !

A graphic illustration of this, is kidology is often found on car leasing websites pretending to be cheap. These websites are just making the deal appear cheaper as a result of a high initial payment.

Car leasing websites that deploy this tactic are often more expensive when you look at the deal in more depth.

A good example of this cheap leasing deals tactic is shown below:

A car advertised at £159.99 per month over 2 years seems cheap. Until you see the terms which are 12 months in advance making a initial payment of £1919.88.

The £159.99 per month deal would appear cheaper comparing it to a headline rate of say £215.37 per month. This is actually the same deal with two different initial payments.

£159.99 per month deal = 12 payments up front + 23 payments total paid = £5599.65

£215.37 per month deal = 3 payments up front + 23 payments total paid = £5599.62

The deal with 3 payments up front may appear dearer but its not. Overall you pay same amount over the 2 year term.

Therefore, a website that is advertising the same deal at £159.99 with only 3 payments up front is cheap and would be the one to go with.

So the lesson to be learnt with cheap leasing deals is read the small print and do your sums before committing to anything and also just as important check the annual mileage advertised is like for like as well as the cars being advertised are like for like.

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The best car leasing deals are often made on the day as the car leasing market prices can change at any time.

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