Car Transportation and Effects on your Automobile

Making sure your car stays in its pristine condition is an important thing to keep in mind when considering using auto transport services.  Special considerations need to be made, especially if your car has been equipped with an air shock or other custom suspensions used to lower your vehicle. As most conventional ramps were intended for use with vehicles at the standard height, the vehicle (front bumper in particular) can be damaged. Similar care should be taken even if the vehicle is equipped with aftermarket body kits, as the bumpers and skirts may extend lower than on standard cars.

Though perhaps less of a worry if you are utilizing the auto transportation services, if you yourself are planning to move the car with a trailer, you would want to make sure the car has been secured properly using ratchets. Locations of the ratchets to tie down your ride are another factor that should be seriously considered, as over-tightening of the ratchet over certain locations can permanently damage the exterior of your vehicle. Prior to tying down the ratchet be sure that you have properly followed the instructions.  If you have a bike carrier, roof rack, or other exterior performance upgrade equipped on your car, you may also need to make additional adjustments for transport.  Otherwise, you can incur damage to both the exterior add-on and the car itself.

With open trailers, your vehicle will be exposed to elements for an extended period of time. Though the vehicle may not suffer from internal wear and tear due to the potential long drive, it is possible to still incur exterior damages from sunlight or light debris. To minimize the potential dust buildup and sun damage, car covers are easy and ideal solutions for keeping your car well protected and in pristine condition. Custom fit car covers can secure tightly even while the trailer is in motion, and yet can be removed easily enough once you’ve brought the car to its final destination.