Car Leasing Tips

Some simple car leasing tips

Submitting a vehicle leasing quote request

Being specific about your vehicle derivative will speed up your contract hire quote request.

Motor Insurance

All vehicles must have fully comprehensive insurance cover. Customers must inform their insurance providers about the precise use of the car or van to prevent any issues in the event of a claim.

Car Maintenance

Use the manufacturer’s maintenance manual to keep inline with service intervals and check oil, water and tyres on a regular basis.

Non maintenance leasing

When a lease agreement is taken up without a service contract, the maintenance costs must be covered by the user.

Motor vehicle warranty

All new vehicles come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Please note that a manufacturer’s warranty does not mean free servicing.

Roadside Assistance & Free Servicing

Do your research and check out if your chosen manufacturer is offering any free servicing. This could save you money by taking a non maintained lease.

How to manage your mileage costs

Quite often a user will estimate their contract mileage, especially if they have just started a new job. Checking the vehicles mileage at the end of the first year should give you a good idea of what mileage you would expect to do over the full term of contract. If you have over or under estimated your contract mileage, quite often it is possible to go back to the leasing company and have your contract hire amended.


Don’t be overly concerned about excess mileage charges if you have exceeded your estimated mileage in the first year if you think you can cut back the deficit in year two or three. Provided you do not exceed the total vehicle contract mileage over the term you will not pay excess pence per mile charges.

Don’t lease on impulse

Always try and test drive a vehicle before entering into an agreement to make sure it meets your requirements and expectations.


Consulting your accountant is a good idea before contemplating a lease. Depending on ones individual circumstances they could determine whether a business or personal contract hire would be best.

Partnerships and Traders

Sole Traders & Partners benefit from the fact that they are not currently affected by the 2002 CO2 tax regulations. (Only their employees are affected).

Using a company car

Be aware that each cars P11D value and CO2 emissions ratings will affect the outcome of how much benefit in kind tax you pay. By adding optional extras to a vehicle will increase this tax.

Higher mileage costs for the users

Companies should look at the manufacturer’s service guide lines when considering contract hire as the mileage can have a considerable effect on the servicing costs. For example a car may require a service every 12,000 miles, so a company may decide to lease it on the basis of 10,000 per annum over two years which would cut the servicing costs to just one service.

Research and be sure.

If you are ever unsure about anything, always feel free to ask the question especially with documentation.

Which fuel is best for me?

Calculate your estimated mileage and compare fuel costs with mpg for the most economical choice.

Lease Extension

Sometimes at the end of a contract a leasing company will allow a customer to extend their lease for a further 6 to 12 months.

Motor vehicle accidents

If you have an accident, contact your insurance company first and then contact your leasing provider.

Contract Hire Special Offers

Car leasing special offers are advertised all the time, but availability can often be limited, so it is usually on a first come first serve basis. Getting a great deal can sometimes be pot luck, being in the right place at the right time and not hesitating to go ahead straightaway or you could miss the deal.